Understanding Deep Dreams

understanding deep dreams

In the last few months the Internet has been flooded with deep dreams: images augmented by neural networks which look incredibly trippy. Deep dreams have the potential to become the new fractals; beautifully backgrounds everyone knows are related to Maths, but no one knows really how. What are deep dreams, how are they generated and what can they teach us?

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LCD Display Shader Effect


This tutorial will show how to create a realistic shader that simulate the look and feeling of LCD displays. Developer Monomi Park has recently announced (link) a new update to their game Slime Rancher. One of the most intriguing cosmetic effect that is going to be added is a special LCD shader that makes monitors look pixelated when you’re close to them. The effect was so cool that I simply had to recreate it.


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Evolutionary Computation – Part 4


Our journey to harness the power of evolution is coming to an end. In the previous three parts of this tutorial we have constructed a bipedal body and a mutable genome that determines its behaviour. What’s left now is to actually implement the evolutionary computation that will find a successful walking strategy.

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