Arrays & shaders: heatmaps in Unity


This tutorial explains how to pass arrays to shaders in Unity. This feature has been present for a long time, but is mostly undocumented. Unity 5.4.0 Beta 1 will introduce a proper API to pass arrays to shaders; this technique however will work with any previous version.

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Exoplanetary Orrery V


An exoplanet is a planet that orbits another star other than the Sun; since 1988, approximately 2000 of them have been confirmed. This post, inspired by Ethan Kruse‘s Kepler Orrery IV, visualises and animates exoplanets, together with their habitable zones. The data come from the NASA Exoplanet Archive and it only includes the confirmed exoplanets with known orbits and temperature. You can find a complete list of all the exoplanets here.

Solar System

Before introducing the exoplanetary orreries, this is the inner part of our solar system.

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The Top 5 Hidden Features of Python

python features

Python aims to be an elegant and expressive language; this post includes its top 5 hidden features:

  1. List slicing
  2. For…else syntax
  3. Yield statement
  4. Multiple assignments
  5. Argument unpacking

The term hidden is loosely used to indicate features which are generally unique to Python, or not very well known. I covered the most interesting Easter eggs which are really hidden in Python in this post. Continue reading