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“0RBITALIS” – DevLog #3 // #LondonIndies

The final release of 0RBITALIS is a few weeks away, so I decided to bring it to London Indies, one of the most relaxed game meetups in London. Despite being a Bank Holiday, I still managed to introduce the game to quite a few new players.


The Puzzle Master Alan Hazelden

Greg Kythreotis playing for the first time

I had the chance to show some of the new features, including teleports and enemies. Alan Hazelden (Sokobond, A good snowman is hard to build) gave me some useful feedbacks on how to improve some of these new mechanics.

I also previewed some of the extra content which will be featured with the game. I’ve been working on an art book called “Orbit Art“, to take the “games are art” statement a step further. Gravity is art too, you know…


Another highlight of the evening surely was playing Aubrey Hesselgren‘s “One One One Two Three” against Jon Hicks. And looking at the next picture, you can see that he clearly won.


A small teaser from “Orbit Art

“One One One Two Three” against Jon Hicks


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