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The 3 most anticipated games: #pixelart

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It’s not a mystery that I’m attending every game event I can find. Unfortunately, not all the developers are so lucky. Some of the best looking games I’ve seen so far have never been presented to a game event yet. And this is the main reason why I hope, with this series of posts, to help some games reaching out to a broader audience. So, without further due …this is the list of my three most anticipated pixel art games!

MegaSphere | Anton Kudin | website | gallery

MegaSphere is “a sci-fi themed action platformer with a big shiny gun“. The game brings back action platformers, adding all the imaginable improvements and visual tricks. Rope physics, 2D normal maps, volumetric lights, …you name it, MegaSphere has it.

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Path to the Sky | Johannes Märtterer | website | Q2 2015

When the first images of Path to the Sky were released, it seemed to me a relaxed adventure about the discovery and exploration. The new GIFs proved me wrong. The game has a very pleasant style,

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Negspace | Pablo Pencha | website | devlog

Negspace might not be as visually sweet as the previous two titles, but it surely looks diverse from the majority of other space games. It’s hard to master parallax that well.

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I plan to make more posts about the most anticipated games I’ve seen around. So if your game is awesome and is not here… just wait! 🙂

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