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The most anticipated games #17

Observatorium | indieDBwebsite

Observatorium is a game currently developed by Jonathan McEnroe, Clive Lawrence  and Peter Satera, knows as the Observatorium Team. Part of its gameplay will requires to create constellation and to somehow link them to with the rest of the environment: merge space with nature, as the website says. The player moves the boat using the keyboard, while the mouse connects stars into a constellation and catches fish. Despite the game has been showcased at Dare to be Digital 2015, very little is known at this point. Yet, Observatorium looks amazing and I honestly can’t wait to play it.


Trawl | House of Wire |

When I played Trawl for the first time, I was really surprised about how such a small game could leave you with so many questions. You’re the captain of a small boat, wandering in the sea during a storm. The game has no instructions, but it gets immediately easy to understand how to manoeuvre the ship. You’re on the quest to find something, but you don’t know yet what you’re looking for. One of the most interesting aspect of the game is the typewriter, which you can use to keep a detailed journal of your discoveries. And with every new object retrieved from the sea, you’re left wandering how they entangles to form a story. What’s the purpose of your journey?

The Wall Shall Stand | Pixel Tailors |

The first time I’ve seen The Wall Shall Stand was at a game showcase at the London College of Communication. It immediately grabbed my attention for its level of quality and clever design. And for the fact it was playable in front of the only sofa in the entire floor.  Both Ted Grimes and Cameron Richards introduced to the game, and the way it has been designed. In The Wall Shall Stand you gather people to your cause and use their force to destroy the monuments which symbolise an oppressive dictatorship. The game will be presented in the Leftfield Collection at EGX. If you have the chance, don’t miss it.


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