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The most anticipated exploration games

Dream | HyperSloth Games | website | steam

The first time I played Dream was at the BAFTA Inside Games 2014, where I also had the chance to try Monument Valley. After more than one year, Dream has finally been released and it has really exceed my expectations. Made by a very small team, it has a graphics and a level of content which is comparable to many high-profile games. Dream brings you inside the dream of a man, allowing the player to explore a variety of bizarre and diverse environments. Physics and Logic don’t always make sense in dreams, and HyperSloth is building clever mechanics out of this. Dream has been released this week; even if you’re not into puzzles, its dreamy and relaxing locations make it one of the perfect exploration games so far. And if that’s not enough, Dream features some of the best music you can hear in a game.

Soul Axiom | Wales Interactive | website | steam

Let’s be honest: Soul Axiom is FRACT OSC and The Talos Principle love child. Now, try to imagine a future in which you can upload all of your memories in a computer, forever living in your best dreams. If this eternal scenario sounds appealing, is because you haven’t played Soul Axiom yet. The game brings you to surreal, yet beautiful worlds spanning over 40 unique locations. Soul Axiom is currently under development but the first parts of the game can be played on Early Access. Wales Interactive are periodically releasing new content. I really appreciate developers who are choosing to do this, rather then releasing a rough game which is not only incomplete, but also buggy and unpolished.

The Talos Principle: Road To Gehenna | Croteam | website | steam

The discussion whether The Talos Principle is an indie game or not is still open. But as it happens for Pluto, finding a good classification for it doesn’t change its nature. The Talos Principle is and remains an incredible puzzle game. This is why I’ve been very excited to learn about its new DLC, Road to Gehenna. The previous chapter left the players with so many questions, and I hope some of them will finally have an answer. I just hope that this chapter, like the original game, will feature a (spoiler alert!) “cat ending” worth solving all the puzzles.

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