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The 3 most anticipated games: #lowpoly

Sea of Solitude | Cornelia Geppert | website

It is common for indie games to be announced where they are at a very early stage. Sea of Solitude, instead, appeared out of nowhere showing some extremely polished content. From Kill Screen Daily to Rock Paper Shotgun, all the major indie gaming websites covered Sea of Solitude. What makes this incredible is that the game has achieved this level of popularity just with a bunch of screenshots and few GIFs. From its initial announcement, no other content has been released, but the hype is still high. Despite all my attempts, I didn’t manage to meet the developer, Cornelia, during GDC. But that’s understandable knowing how many meeting she was attending. It’s a shame I didn’t manage to play an early build, but I’m sure the final game won’t disappoint me.


Ocean Heart | Karen TeixeiraAlec Holowka | twitter

The first time I met Karen, she was showcasing a prototype called Gemu No Gemu (literally, “game but(t) the game) which looked incredibly promising. Unfortunately, Gemu No Gemu is now Gemu no more: Karen decided to interrupt it and to focus on another project. Fortunately, that new project is even more awesome. Little is known about the gameplay of the mysterious Ocean Heart,  but it already features wave simulation, a floppy hat and a lighthouse: what can possibly go wrong? Karen is developing Ocean Heart with the help of Alec Holowka, who’s currently working on the stunning Night in the WoodsEverything sucks forever; everything but Ocean Heart.

Inner Space | Poly Knight Games | twitter | website

If you know me, you’ll also know how sceptical I am about Kickstarter. The idea that games are rewarded according to their popularity sounds too AAA for me. Despite this, I’m always happy when I can see good games being funded. And yes, that’s the case of Inner Space. Both the music and the visual aspects of the game are amazing. Not only the low-poly-steam-punk-y ship you control can fly: it can also go underwater. From the trailer, it also seems that most of the terrain will be destructive. It’s not a surprise that such a beefy game has been already greenlit on Steam. Given the scope and the quality of the game, I’m only disappointed by how little money it has gathered.

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