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The 3 most anticipated games: #3D

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A Light In Chorus | Eliott Johnson & Matthew Warshaw | twitterwebsite

A couple of years ago I met Eliott and Matthew at London Indies. They were going around the pub showing a brief demo of their mysterious game. It took me five seconds to realise how much potential was there. A Light In Chorus is one of the most beautiful games I’ve seen so far. What makes it unique is its engine: everything is rendered out of particle clouds. Even if the gameplay has been changing a lot in these months, its aesthetics keeps improving from build to build. I had the chance to play it and I can ensure you that the video compression doesn’t do justice to this beautiful game.

POKU | Kalopsia | twitterwebsite

POKU is, with no doubt, one of those games you’ll always recognise. It’s art style is a clever mixture of hand-drawn textures attached on low-poly models. The result is stunning, and gives this constant feeling of being inside a painting. So far, very little is known about its gameplay…

SUPERHOT | twitter | website | prototype

Some developers can are at their best under tight constraints and strong pressure. That’s exactly the case of SUPERHOT, an incredibly innovative game which has come out of a game jam. SUPERHOT implemented bullet time the way it were supposed to be. As its tutorial explains, time moves when you move. Not only this mechanic allows for a very Matrix-y gameplay, but it also add a strategy flavour to a genre which is usually quite boring. I am one of those players who doesn’t like fast paced games which require good aiming skills: that’s why SUPERHOT made my day.

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