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“0RBITALIS” – DevLog #4 // #GamerDisco

One of my favourite recurring events in London surely is Gamerdisco. After having showcased ACCELERUNNER few months ago, I came back with the final release of 0RBITALIS.

Being a game developer for quite a few years, it’s not uncommon to meet YouTube-rs and Let’s-Play-ers. But I surely wasn’t expecting to find TomSka, Bertie Gilbert, Sammy Paul, Dean DobbsElliot Gough and few others attending. Shame on me, I run out both of business cards and biscuits.

IMG_20150520_193027 IMG_20150520_224709

It has been amazing to test the new levels and see the reaction of players for the first time. I’m really pleased that the next release of 0RBITALIS will bring not just new mechanics, but also some massive graphical improvements. First of all, the game renders at a higher resolution. I never had the chance to see it projected on a wall. And yes, it looks amazingly sharp! 😀

IMG_20150520_230753 IMG_20150520_230711

The event was organised with the support of Kotaku. It was a honour to present next to other games such Gang Beasts. Now, there’s only one thing left to do: to finally release the game! 😀

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