The World Generation of Minecraft

This is a companion article to the documentary about the world generation of Minecraft, which you can see below. This is a chance to expand on the content, including more information and resources that was not possible to include in the original 45 minutes of the video.

Have you ever wondered how many grains of sand are on this planet? Well …a rough estimate is… over 7 quintillion! That’s a 7 followed by 18 zeros. And yet, that’s not even half the number of the unique words in Minecraft. So how does Minecraft—and other games like it—build such complex, beautifully crafted yet fully procedural worlds? This article will explore how the game generates its worlds: from its tallest mountain, to its deepest cave. Welcome to the World Generation of Minecraft.

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An Introduction to Signal Smoothing

Noise is everywhere. Whether you’re sampling accelerometer data for a mobile game or trying to measure the temperature of a room, noise will be there. Even if you could remove all the noise from an input device, you’ll still have a certain degree of uncertainty. If a player has tapped on the screen, where did they really wanted to tap? All these scenarios forces to re-think about how we gather and preprocess data.

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