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The Most Anticipated Games #19

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forma.8 | Mixed Bag

Mysterious and stylish. Those are probably the two adjectives that best describe forma.8. When Mauro and Andrea of Mixed Bag showed me the game for the first time, I was simply in awe. If you like puzzle games and environmental story telling, you should definitely check this out. forma.8 is, indeed, “a story of hope, deceiving, mystery and war“.

UNIT4 | Gamera Interactive | website

When the website of a game is called, it’s the time get ready for some seriously good stuff. UNIT4, previously known as QUATTRO, is a puzzle game with a super clean pixelart aesthetic. Blue, Red, Green and Yellow are the heroes of the story. Each character has its own unique ability, and in order to solve a puzzle you’ll need to master each individual skill. Even if you can play the game by yourself, it’s when you have four players hat UNIT4 shows all of its potential. The abilities of the heroes can be combined together, to create interesting effects. The game is planned for release on XBOX.

Wheels of Aurelia | Santa Ragione | website

Five years ago, before moving to London, I used to live in Pisa. While tourists might know the small city for its famous Leaning Tower, locals are more familiar with another titanic work of engineer: Via Aurelia. It’s not only of the most important routes in Italy, but it also offer a spectacular view of the the West coast of North Italy. Wheels of Aurelia is built upon the feeling of those endless road trips.  Half racing game, half interactive fiction, it’s going to be another experimental game from one of my favourite game studios.


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