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The Most Anticipated Games #18

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Overland | Finji | website

Canabalt, Panoramical, Feist, Night In the Woods. There’s one thing that those games have in common: Finji. After having produced so many interesting products, it’s understandable to be overly-excited for their new project, Overland. The clean aesthetic of the game is coupled with an exceptionally designed interface. Overland is a survival game with procedural generated levels, set in a post-apocalyptic North America. Among its’ many features, it promises emergent narrative; something I am very fan on. Finji plans to release the game in 2017, even though they offer First Access on

Angry Wife | madeo.interactive | website | twitter

In Angry Wife you play as Bill, a not-so-typical husband whose life is an endless quest to please his wife Jill. Don’t let the title of this game put you off: Angry Wife is a satirical housework simulator which cleverly plays on gender stereotypes. The players is faced with several mini-games. Painting, piping, ironing… each mini-game is specifically tailored to simulate one of the many chores in the life of a househusband. Developed by madeo.interactive, Angry Wife aims to be more than just a simple mobile game.

ISLANDS | Carl Burtongreenlight

Very few things can get my undivided attention like atmospheric experiences and experimental gameplays. So far, ISLANDS seems to have both. Developer Carl Burton has show very little about this game, but confirmed that is definitely going to be a “surreal trip through the mundane“. ISLANDS has also been accepted as part of Fantastic Arcade at Fantastic Fest 2016. And if this hasn’t convinced you yet, one of the most recent comments on Greenlight says that it “isn’t even a game“. Achievement Unlocked, Carl! Long live the non-games.

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