An Introduction to 360° Videos

This online series will cover everything you need to know about 360° videos; from how to create them in Unity, to how to edit them in Premiere Pro in a format compatible with YouTube. Whether you want to create an immersive 360° video, or a trailer for your VR game, this is the tutorial for you. You will also learn how to create and edit Ambisonic tracks with Head-Lock stereo audio, which is perfect for 360° videos with narrated voiceovers.

If you are unfamiliar with 360° videos, you can have a look at one that I have recently created, which features a journey through all of the discovered exoplanets.

This online course is split into two modules. The first one will focus on how to create the videos in Unity, and is already available:

The second module will focus on editing the videos, and will be released at a later time:

A link to download a working Unity scene can be found at the end of this page.

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Game Barcode: A Study of Colours in Games

This tutorial shows how to download videos from YouTube and to process their frames with Python; I have used this technique to create game barcode, an image created by sorting the colours in each frame of a particular video. You can see some of most intriguing here:

This tutorial is divided in four parts:

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