Understanding Deep Dreams

In the last few months the Internet has been flooded with deep dreams: images augmented by neural networks which look incredibly trippy. Deep dreams have the potential to become the new fractals; beautifully backgrounds everyone knows are related to Maths, but no one knows really how. What are deep dreams, how are they generated and what can they teach us?

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How to DeepDream on Twitter: @DeepDreamThis

This post will guide you to create your own deepdream on Twitter: and yes, it’s as easy as tweeting a picture to @DeepDreamThis. Deep dreams have flooded the Internet. I mean, literally flooded the Internet. Behind this bizarre filter lies one of the most advanced neural network developed by Google Research. There are several services online dedicated to the creation of deep dreams, but most of them have unreasonable waiting times (hours or days) and lack customisation options.


The fastest way to generate your deep dreams on Twitter is simply twitting a picture to @DeepDreamThis: in a matter of seconds or minutes it’ll reply to you!

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