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Most Anticipated Games #23

Keyboard Sports | Triband | website

If there’s a genre that has been abused way too much, it has to be sport games. Nintendo WiiU, PS Move, Kinekt, VR… what happened to the good, old keyboard? Triband finally put a twist on sport games with Keyboard Sports.

Mugsters | Riku Tamminen

Mugsters is a rather interesting indie project, currently developed by Riku Tamminen. The vibrant colours are coupled by a lowpoly aesthetic. In Mugsters, the player is trapped on an island, and is trying to reach his airplane to finally escape. What’s remarkable about the game is that each vehicle seems to be controllable, allowing for some pretty interesting puzzle mechanics.


The Mountaineer | Micheal Zechner | website | twitter

Few games promises to be as relaxing and visually appealing as The Mountaineer. Developer by the indie studio Imaginary Machines, the game lets players discover and experience the archaic and mystic nature of high mountains.


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