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Indie Games Expo 2012

Indie Games Expo

The “Indie Games Expo 2012” is an exposition of contemporary indie-ish games organised by Samuel Thomson in South London and that took place in the V22 Studios. It was my pleasure to had the chance to present both “RAPTUS” and the prototype of “Still time”.

The most interesting part of the expo was surely Ed Key‘s talk and interview about his upcoming game called “PROTEUS“. Even if I previously watched several YouTube videos from in-game footage, I think that they can’t really transmit the feeling of serenity and the pleasure of discovering that accompanies the player. Five minutes of real gameplay and I had to pre-order it.

After Ed’s talk, Darren Grey briefly discussed rogue-like games, with a very interesting talk about responsibilities, choices and consequences in games.

Other interesting people from the indie game scenario visited the Expo, including Nicoll Hunt that (unfortunately!) was there only as a visitor. His latest game, called “FIST OF AWESOME” really tempted me to buy an iPhone. Unfortunately, I have not enough money.

It was also a pleasant surprise the fact that lot of people from the London Indies decided to visit the Expo.

To conclude, the “Indie Games Expo 2012” has been a really positive experience for me. It was nice to see so many people struggling with the same problems and – at the same time – sharing the same passion for games as the perfect way to create masterpieces of interactive art.


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