The controller

The MCMC is a custom-made controller with three degrees of freedom. It enables an extremely natural way of controlling rotations and accelerations, especially compared with keyboard and mouse. The vast majority of alternative controllers are essentially made out of buttons, while the MCMC provides a real, innovative way of interacting with a game.

The controller is still under development, so its aspect will be subjected to changes in the next weeks.

2013-12-05 10.19.54 - Copy 2013-12-29 20.07.13

For any question, please contact Alan Zucconi via email zucconi (dot) alan (at) gmail (dot) com or Twitter (@AlanZucconi).


The games and prototypes

The controller comes with an intuitive API and it can be easily integrated into any Unity3D project.

  • Last Chance Supermarket: the Ludum dare winner in the “Fun” category, made by @SebastianLague.
  • Destroy The Core: this frantic game made by @StabAlarash for Ludum Dare is now playable with the controller.
  • YOUR GAME: if you made a game and think that the controller might enhance its experience, contact me and I’ll see what we can do!
Last Chance Supermarket
  • Three other demo games have been implemented to show the potential of the controller: a modern version of Asteroids, a Matrix-inspired game and the iconic Hanoi Tower.
  • Multiplayer demoes will be added soon.
Game_02 Game_03

Please note that these games are prototypes. Some of the 3D models presented have been downloaded from Google Sketchup Warehouse and the Unity3D Asset Store.



The controller has not been formally exhibit yet, but it was demoed at London Indies and Full Indie UK.



Further development

The controller is in constant development. Currently, three different prototypes have been realised using polymorph plastic. The final version will be 3D printed and its circuitry enclosed in a wooden box. A special case might also be realised to include multiplayer capabilities or games which require two controllers at the same time.

2013-12-29 20.04.29

Evolution of a controller (left to right)

2014-01-10 00.55.19

Old (right) and new (left) circuit board


 A draft schematics of the controller and it’s parts


Schematics for the design of the box



  • 20x20x30 cm (peripheral)
  • 100x45x45 (multiplayer setup)
Degrees of freedom
  • 315 degrees (rotation)
  • 5 centimetres (extension)
  • 1 button (click)
Board / Connection
  • Teensy 3.1 / USB (new)
  • Arduino Uno / USB (old)
  • Polymorph plastic (current)
  • Acrylic (future)

The controller has been developed and tested on Windows. A laptop or pc is required. Two controllers can be attached at the same time to allow two people to play at the same time. The controller don’t have any other requirement.