How to build a distance sensor with Arduino

You can safely say that when it comes to electronics, there are countless ways to measure distances. This tutorial will explain how to build an inexpensive IR distance sensor under $8, perfect for close measurements  and motion detectors.

You will need:

You can download the final Arduino code here.

altctrlThis post is part of a longer series of tutorial about alternative games controllers.

If you are going to create an alternative game controller yourself, you should definitely look into ALT.CTRL.GDC. It’s one of the most fresh and intriguing exhibitions at GDC, and is all dedicated to innovative ways to interact with games.

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How to hack any IR remote controller

If you haven’t heard of Air Swimmers before, you probably had a miserable life. Air Swimmers are inflatable foil balloons made in the shape of fish. But what makes them really awesome is the fact that they can be remotely controlled to fly around in a room. One of my friends, Claudio, developed an obsession interest for them; and that’s when we decided to create our own hackuarium.

The idea was simple: buying a bunch of Air Swimmers, hacking into their controllers and running a swarm simulation to control them. If you’re interested in doing the same and you have a basic knowledge of electronics …you’re reading the right post. At the end of this article you can find the links to buy all the necessary components.

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