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The Most Anticipated Games #22

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Tiny Bubbles | Stu Denman | website

Of the reasons why there are so many platform games out there, is because making them has been pretty much standardised. There are hundreds of tutorials on how to clone Super Mario; but there’s no tutorial on how to create a game like Tiny Bubbles. Developer Stu Denman has crafted his own bubble simulation, giving life to something truly unique. Pressure, surface tension and even curved reflections: all those features that you would expect are perfectly captured in Tiny Bubbles. Stu has been very open about the development of the game; if you’re interested in knowing more about the techniques used to create bubbles, you can check here, here and here.


Silent Earth | Remote Games | TIGForums

There are many games that attempt to win players’ attention with nostalgia and retro effects. Most of them, unfortunately are not successful. This is definitely not the case of Silent Earth. Sam Loeschen and Thomas Hoey managed to recreate the same excitement and tension of the original Missile Command. Most of the game seems to be procedural, and players will be able to customise their own weaponry. Silent Earth is planned for release this Winter. And I honestly can’t wait.


Guildlings | Sirvo Studios | twitter

Sometimes, all you need to love a game is a good GIF. This is how Sirvo Studios managed to get me hooked with their upcoming Guildlings. The game is fantasy adventure, coming to mobile in 2017.


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