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The Most Anticipated Games #21

NIUM | Moppin & Nemk |

It’s no mystery that Fantastic Arcade showcases some of the best, small indie titles out there. And NIUM looks definitely one of them. The game is created by the developer who’s best known for Downwell. For this new project, however, Moppin has decided for a completely different aesthetic and gameplay. NIUM, together with other intriguing games, can be bought on to support Austin’s independent game collective JUEGOS RANCHEROS.


GNOG | KO-OP | website

Back in 2014 I had the chance to play an early build of GNOG at GDC San Francisco. Bizarre and refreshing are probably the best adjective that can describe my experience. GNOG in a game about heads. Each head is a self-contained mini world, filled with secrets and unexpected rewards. I wouldn’t call it a “puzzle game” though; at least not in the traditional sense. There aren’t rules that you can learn, and there isn’t a strategy that allows you to solve levels quicker. GNOG is about discovery and surprise, not strategy or planning. Being a massive fan of KO-OP, I can’t wait to play the final version of this game. GNOG is indeed as bizarre and refreshing as an indie game can be.

Future Unfolding | Spaces of Playgreenlight | website

When a game receives an honourable mention in the IGF for “Excellence in Visual Arts”, you know you should keep an eye on it. This is definitely the case of Future Unfolding, a top-down game with a unique, colourful aesthetic. Screenshots simply don’t give justice to this beautiful game.

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