The most anticipated space games

Routine | Lunar Software | twitterwebsite

There are games you know are destined to be a massive success. And Routine surely is one of them. Developed by a very small team, this survival game is set in an abandoned facility on the Moon. Which turns out to be not so abandoned after all. I’ve been a big fan of retro technology since… well, since it wasn’t retro at all. So you can imagine why I love Routine: floppy disks and CTR monitors are everywhere. I never had the chance to play Routine, but the closest game I can compare it to is Alien Isolation. Themes such as (guess what!) isolation, constant fear of being chased and inability to escape seems to be common in both. Replace xenomorphs with humanoid robots, sprinkle that good ol’ indie vibe and you here you have it: my most anticipated space game.

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