Still Time

“Still Time” is a two dimensional puzzle platform that includes time bending and temporal physics in its gameplay. The game is currently under development.

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Title Still Time
Slogans Time travel, lasers and headaches
Programming Alan Zucconi
Art Alan Zucconi
Music Francesco Orsi



Exhibition Date
Hang @ Dolby 30th October 2013
GameCity 8 24th-25th October 2013
Etoo 10th June 2013
Game Camp 6 18th May 2013
Indie Game: The Meetup 29th September 2012
Indie Games Expo 3rd, 4th June 2012



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Selected [p]reviews

Indie Game Hunt (4th June, 2013 ~ Paul Hack)

Still Time is a clever and stylishly presented game about time travel.  […] The interface in is brilliantly designed; it’s easy to use and the display at the top of the screen is clear and informative.

Polygon (24th May, 2013 ~ Samit Sarkar)

Minimalist platformer Still Time turns time into an illusion.

PCGamer (24th May, 2013 ~ Ian Birnbaum)

If you thought Braid’s time-travel mechanics messed with your noggin, wait until you get a look at Still Time, a stylish indie platformer being kicked into shape by solo developer Alan Zucconi.

Indie Statik (17th April, 2013 ~ Chris Priestman)

Games that are smarter than you will give you a headache. That’s a fact. I have one right now because I’ve been playing the latest alpha build of Alan Zucconi’s Still Time. […] And though its attempts at looking old-school are to be gazed upon lovingly, you’ll soon hate yourself for putting up with the torture of attempting to get through the game’s very smart puzzles.

GameSideStory (translated from French) (31st October, 2012 ~ by Hiji)

Still Time is fascinating thanks to two aspects. Firstly, it is the work of one man […] Secondly, the game is interesting in concept (travel time) and staged with a minimalist graphics. A process which allows to focus only on the gameplay, and not many special effects intended to distract the player. So yes austere is good – it must be admitted – but that is precisely what makes the charm of this kind of game. Will you resist the die and retry? This is what we will see!