[2013] Develop – “30 Under 30”


Award Develop’s 6th annual “30 Under 30”

«Award-winning developer Alan Zucconi, 27, started his career in games by creating services such as Doriana82 and XATtenger. Together, they reached over one million users, granting his team an Italian award for web development as Talents Under 24.

During his PhD he contributed to the creation of BLINK, an eye-controlled video game that uses ultra-low-cost eye-tracking technology developed for disabled people.»

Organisation Develop
Date 5th December 2013
Link Develop online


[2013] Student Academic Choice Awards – “Best Graduate Teaching Assistant”


Award Best Graduate Teaching Assistant
Organisation Imperial College Union
Date 21st May 2013


[2012] Newgrounds – “Daily 4th Place”

Award Daily 4th Place
Website Newgrounds
Date 27th March 2012


[2011] Italian Award for Web Design – “Talents Under 24”

  • Premio Web Italia – “Talenti Under 24”
  • Italian Web Award’s “Talents Under 24”
Organisation AssoWebItalia 51, Viale della Riviera – 65123, Pescara (PE) – Abruzzo, Italy
Date 16th July 2011
  In association with Orsi Francesco.



[2005] National Secondary School Competition for Information Technology, Third Edition

  • Terza Gara Nazionale dell’Istruzione Tecnica Informatica
  • Third National Challenge of Computer Science in Education
Organisation  I.T.S.I.A. Aldo Gastaldi e Giovanni Giorgi – Secondary School32/R, Via Col – 16149, Genova (GE) – Liguria, Italy
Date 15th December 2005